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My Behavior Plan

What Would Jesus Do?

Pre-K is an important time in the social and emotional development of your child.  This year we are introduced to rules and procedures of a classroom, learning to treat others the way we want to be treated(the Golden Rule), problem solving, and figuring out ways to express ourselves when we are upset.  This might be the first school experience for some of our Pre-K friends and others may have more experience in a classroom setting.  In order to provide a positive classroom environment we work on our choices and behavior all year following Jesus' teachings. We are going to learn about how God wants us to be friends to each other and how kindness is key.

    Each child will have a sticker chart and will receive a sticker per day for good choices.  Once their chart has 5 stickers, they will be able to pick a treat from the treat box!  When their sticker chart is full, I will send it home for you to keep.  If I have behavior concerns I will contact you.

    Some of the methods of positive reinforcement that I will be using are:
-redirection to another activity
-using our kind words
-using our "I message" ("I didn't like when you __________, it made me mad")
-talking about problem solving and finding good solutions
-taking a break (get a drink of water, read a book in a quiet area, coloring)
-talking about our choices and therefore missing a few minutes of an activity/recess
-thinking about what Jesus would do?



1) We are kind.
2) We help clean our classroom.
3) We are safe.
4) We listen to our teachers.

5) We try our best.

Classroom Rules

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