Dress Code

We will have a lot of fun and sometimes get very messy in Pre-K!  Dress for physical activity and comfort! Please have a change of clothes, socks, and underwear for us to keep in our cubbies.

*Shirts-Plain Navy or Light Blue, White (can be St. Dominic uniform shirts)
*Yellow St. Dominic Shirts are worn the First Friday of the Month
*Shorts/Pants-Navy Blue (no belts), sweatpants are allowed
*Skirts-Navy Blue or uniform skirts/jumpers
*Shoes-no open toe shoes   (Gym Shoes are fine everyday)
*Boots can be worn in the Winter and we will change into shoes


School Supplies

2 Glue Sticks
3 Glue Bottles
1 Crayola Crayons (24 Pack)
1 Package of Broad Markers
2 Folders  ***
1 Sheet of Stickers
1 Clear Shoe Size Storage Box   (13.75x8x4) ***
2 Packages of Baby Wipes
3 Clorox/Lysol Wipes
2 Lysol Disinfectant Spray
1 Box of Kleenex
3 Rolls of Paper Towels
1 Table Spray (no bleach, no lavender, no lemongrass please)
1 Scotch Tape
1 Box of Band-Aids (latex free)
1 Box of Ziploc Sandwich Bags
1 Box of Ziploc Gallon Bags
1 Bottle of Germ-X
1 Box of Aluminum Foil
1 Change of Clothing (shirt, bottoms, underwear, socks) ***
1 Beach Towel or Small Blanket 60x30 (for Rest Time)***
Vinyl Rest Mat (can be found on Amazon) ***

***Please label supplies with your child's name.***
​Additional supplies may be asked for during the school year.