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SMG Super Scientist

Every month, we will have a few Super Scientists in our Classroom!  When it is your turn to share your experiment with the class, your family is welcome to come and help (having completed Protecting God's Children).You can use books from the library or the internet to come up with an easy science experiment that you will share with the class.  You will have time to  discover, explore, and practice!    Please bring all materials that you will need on your scheduled day. The day of your experiment you will receive our Science Bag which has a lab apron, safety goggles(for cute pictures), and a Super Scientist badge.  I will make a Google spreadsheet so you can see the experiments already completed.

Here are some helpful websites to explore:

Super Simple Science
Red Tri
Babble Dabble Do
Science Kids

Image by Moritz Kindler
Super Scientist: Programs
Super Scientist: Pro Gallery
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